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Blue Planet Energy Enables Community Water Security in Puerto Rico

Customer Stories

In Puerto Rico’s rural town of Barrio Rabanal, Blue Planet Energy’s Blue Ion battery system provides water security. The system integrates battery storage, solar, and a backup generator to provide independent power for the community water system when the utility grid fails.

In Puerto Rico, more tha...

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Vermont’s Net Zero Renewable Resources Goes Big with Blue Ion

Customer Stories

Building Resilience and Independence

Net Zero Renewable Resources (NZRR) is an independent, family owned solar and energy storage contractor. The father-and-son team of Lee and Paul Gustafson is well known for the installation of high-quality systems throughout its service territory of southern Ver...

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Building Energy Resilience and Independence in Puerto Rico

Customer Stories

In September 2017, the category 5 Hurricane Maria left an estimated 95% of Puerto Rico without power or cell service, and more than half of the population without access to clean drinking water. Three months later, 45% of the population—more than 1.5 million individuals—was still without electrical...

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Energy-Independent Cancer Support Facility on Vieques Launches with Blue Ion

Customer Stories

Vieques is a small island in Puerto Rico with 9,000 inhabitants. After six decades of military bombing, the island suffers from toxic contamination and also has an alarming rate of health issues. The cancer rates are 27% higher than in the rest of Puerto Rico. The Foundation Vieques en Rescate (VER)...

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Water Mission Delivers Clean Water to over 1,200 People with Blue Ion in Puerto Rico

Customer Stories

"For the people of rural Puerto Rico, these [solar plus storage] solutions mean that next time a storm hits, they won’t have to wait for more than six months to have power restored and safe water flowing." --Water Mission

Blue Planet Energy is excited and grateful for our partnership with...

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Blue Planet Energy Enables Community Water Security in Puerto Rico

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