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Renewables Aren’t the Problem in Texas, Lack of Resilience is

In recent weeks, brutal winter storms knocked out nearly one-third of the electricity generating capacity in Texas. Massive blackouts left more than four million residents without power, which in turn destroyed properties and claimed the lives of dozens. As authorities begin to sift through the coun...

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Will Safer Batteries Finally Take Over the Home Storage Market?

In The News

Tesla and LG Chem rule the market with their NMC battery products, but the LFP battery contenders believe their technology’s time has come.

By: Julian Spector
See full article on Green Tech Media's wesbite.

If the U.S. converts to a carbon-free grid, millions of homeowners may want to generate and s...

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Sustainability Legend Gil Friend Joins Board of Directors

The Blue Planet Energy ‘ohana is pleased to announce we recently added sustainability legend Gil Friend to our Board of Directors. For nearly 50 years, Friend has championed sustainability initiatives and for 30 years has helped some of the world’s best-known brands, from Hewlett-Packard to SunPower...

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Energy Independence and Long-Term Savings for Homeowners in Mexico

Customer Stories

After the last major hurricane struck Baja California Sur, Mexico, many residents lost power for over thirty days. To make matters worse, residents are forced to cope with regular power outages all year long due to the utility’s lack of sufficient electricity reserves coupled with rising electricit...

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A Professional Buyer's Guide to Dependable Energy Storage

In The News

Featured in the January/February Edition of North American Clean Energy Magazine

Energy storage has dominated conversations among solar professionals and the energy industry for the last several years, and as traditional rules of Net Energy Metering slowly fade, energy storage is poised to become o...

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