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Stories of Energy Resilience: David Takahashi Lives the Change

Customer Stories

David Takahashi in Boulder, Colorado, has taken his home to “net positive” by installing a solar-plus-storage system that serves his home’s energy needs whether the electric grid is functioning or not. Hear from David about his journey toward energy resilience and his advice for those seeking to fol...

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Celebrating Energy Independence Month, July 2020

Each year, our Founder Henk Rogers and the Blue Planet Energy ‘ohana celebrate his home's independence from the electric grid on July 4, also known as Energy Independence Day. Since 2014, Henk’s Honolulu residence has been off-grid, powered by a clean energy system that includes a roof-top solar arr...

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Blue Planet Energy Creates Resilience Hubs at Puerto Rican Schools

Customer Stories

After Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico in 2017, the American Red Cross implemented over one hundred solar-plus-storage school microgrids in each of Puerto Rico’s seventy-eight municipalities. Totaling over 11 MWh of energy storage and 6 MW of solar power, these microgrids now provide long-term res...

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Blue Planet Energy brings microgrids, storage, and disaster resiliency to Puerto Rico

In The News

See full article on Smart Electric Power Alliance website here.

Join Jared Leader from SEPA as he discusses how Blue Planet Energy’s Puerto Rico microgrid project used energy storage, renewable sources, stakeholder engagement, and smart siting at local schools to bring resilience to communities deva...

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Power Project Provides Shelter from the Storm

In The News

By Darrell Proctor
Read full story on POWER Magazine here.

Dozens of microgrids are deployed at schools across Puerto Rico, bringing reliable, resilient power to the island. The project, featuring solar plus storage, is an important part of the region’s recovery from a series of natural and economic...

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