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A Professional Buyer's Guide to Dependable Energy Storage

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Featured in the January/February Edition of North American Clean Energy Magazine

Energy storage has dominated conversations among solar professionals and the energy industry for the last several years, and as traditional rules of Net Energy Metering slowly fade, energy storage is poised to become o...

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Blue Planet Energy Accelerates Beyond 2.5GWhs of Energy Delivered from Global Battery Installations

Press Release

Company expands its premium energy storage product line, project financing offering and operational footprint in 2020

HONOLULU, December 10, 2020 - Blue Planet Energy continued its momentum in delivering premium energy storage solutions to global resilience projects in 2020, surpassing a 2.5GWh comp...

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Tomorrow's Power Grid Will Be Autonomous

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By: Benjamin Kroposki, Andrey Bernstein, Jennifer King and Fei Ding

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Autonomous energy grids use AI, renewable energy, and energy storage to optimize the grid

It’s great to have neighbors you can depend on, whether you’re borrowing a cup of sugar or you need someone...

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California Homeowners Rely on Blue Planet Energy Backup Power During Wildfires

Customer Stories

With an average of more than 8,000 wildfires per year between 2017 and 2020, with 2020 being the most destructive wildfire season yet, California ranks as the number one most wildfire-prone state in the U.S. As a result, more than one million Californians had their power shut off by their utility...

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How a Transition to Clean Energy Can Boost the U.S. Economy

Blog Posts

The impacts of the pandemic have been widespread. Massive declines in both employment and the production of goods have created an enormous setback in economic activity that led to an unfortunate, yet imminent, recession. Rather than continuing to strain our resources, it is time to consider the opp...

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