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What’s the easiest way to speed up installation of solar systems?

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By Solar Power World

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Continuing education is important in all industries, especially solar. As technologies evolve, new installation techniques arise to make solar systems safer and more efficient. The best place to learn these new skills is often at tradesho...

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Blue Planet Energy Enables Community Water Security in Puerto Rico

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In Puerto Rico’s rural town of Barrio Rabanal, Blue Planet Energy’s Blue Ion battery system provides water security. The system integrates battery storage, solar, and a backup generator to provide independent power for the community water system when the utility grid fails.

In Puerto Rico, more tha...

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Clinton Foundation Recognizes Women’s Workforce Development in Puerto Rico

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Gabriel Perez, regional manager for Blue Planet Energy in Latin America, was recently recognized on stage by the Clinton Foundation for his work supporting and developing the renewable energy workforce in Puerto Rico. Perez’s work with Asociación de Contratistas y Consultores de Energía Renovable (...

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Train with Blue Planet Energy at the NABCEP CE Conference


One of Blue Planet Energy’s favorite events, the annual NABCEP CE Conference, is right around the corner. We look forward to reconnecting with many of the solar and energy storage industry’s top-tier professionals at the Saint Charles Convention Center on March 16–19, 2020. Blue Planet Energy is ex...

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Watch and Learn: The Blue Planet Energy Story, Resilience in Puerto Rico & More (Video)

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Blue Planet Energy’s CEO, Chris Johnson, recently spoke at a ClimateLink Solar + Battery Microgrids discussion about improving our resilience against power outages and other power grid disruptions. ClimateLink is an organization with a mission to accelerate the development and deployment of climate...

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Blue Planet Energy Enables Community Water Security in Puerto Rico

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