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Leaving the planet better than we found it

Developing the safest battery available is a holistic endeavor; not just the safety of our homes, facilities, or cities, but encompassing a bigger picture of what safety means. Blue Ion Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries contain no rare minerals, with an intrinsically safer cathode material than the current generation of Lithium Ion batteries, making this the most responsible energy storage composition, using an abundant and conflict-free source material.


Nature meets Engineering

A new kind of battery

The Blue Ion Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery is engineered specifically for safety above all else. Our proprietary Blue Ion BMU (Battery Management Unit) ensures long life and protection for the batteries while storing performance data.

Founded on years of research and scientific study, Blue Planet Energy is supporting every battery with the most responsible warranty available to provide our customers with peace of mind. We are confident in offering a groundbreaking fifteen year performance warranty for every battery sold; perfectly aligned to work with existing renewable energy generation.

Composed for safety

Lithium Ion batteries have blossomed in popularity due to its high energy density, and we’ve aimed to perfect this technology for homes, facilities, and micro-grids with safety as the core objective. Safety means starting with the chemistry of the battery and finding the most stable chemical bond for a cathode material; the Ferrous Phosphate molecule which holds a fantastically strong bond to oxygen atoms for unprescedented stability and safety.

Stabilizing the redox energies also aids in fast ion migration, allowing Blue Ion Ferrous Phosphate batteries to be used for mission critical energy backups, micro-grid communities, or easily meeting the needs of our homes and buildings.

Designed to scale

Mineral availability, safety, and robust power capabilities define the scalability of any energy storage solution. It’s no mistake that these are the pillars of our engineering efforts. Safety for our families, and powerful enough to support our cities, the Blue Ion Ferrous Phosphate battery is designed to lead the way for our energy future.

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Energy storage for off-grid living, backup and self-consumption

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