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Blue Planet Energy, Habitat for Humanity, NREL, DOE and Holy Cross Energy Deliver Renewable Power and Homeowner Savings in Colorado

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Buildings and their construction together account for 39 percent of global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions annually. Distributed renewable energy resources (DERs), such as solar arrays and energy storage, in homes and commercial buildings, mitigate carbon emissions while providing grid supp...

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Watch and Learn: The Blue Planet Energy Story, Resilience in Puerto Rico & More (Video)

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Blue Planet Energy’s CEO, Chris Johnson, recently spoke at a ClimateLink Solar + Battery Microgrids discussion about improving our resilience against power outages and other power grid disruptions. ClimateLink is an organization with a mission to accelerate the development and deployment of climate...

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R&D Microgrid & Training Center Coming to Blue Planet Energy HQ

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At Blue Planet Energy headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii, considerable enhancements are being made to the company’s research and development resources. A new facility, affectionately known as The Sandbox, will expand upon Blue Planet Energy’s energy storage and power conversion component evaluation an...

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Californians Experience the Costs of Losing Power

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The largest investor-owned utility in California (and the country), PG&E, began massive cuts to power across much of its service area in October 2019 as part of its Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) program. While the electric utility had warned of these cuts for many months, brief outages had...

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Rebuilding Puerto Rico's Critical Infrastructure

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In the Path of Destruction

Katrina. Harvey. Sandy. Irma. We may recognize these storms by name, but we cannot conceive the hundred thousands of names of people affected by these tragedies. In September of 2017, Hurricane Maria passed through the Caribbean and wiped out virtually everything in its pa...

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