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Californians Experience the Costs of Losing Power

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The largest investor-owned utility in California (and the country), PG&E, began massive cuts to power across much of its service area in October 2019 as part of its Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) program. While the electric utility had warned of these cuts for many months, brief outages had...

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Rebuilding Puerto Rico's Critical Infrastructure

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In the Path of Destruction

Katrina. Harvey. Sandy. Irma. We may recognize these storms by name, but we cannot conceive the hundred thousands of names of people affected by these tragedies. In September of 2017, Hurricane Maria passed through the Caribbean and wiped out virtually everything in its pa...

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Blue Ion Founder Hits 1,000 Cycle Milestone

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In 2014, Blue Planet Energy founder and CEO Henk Rogers made the forward-looking decision to take his Honolulu, Hawaii home off-grid. His roof-top solar array charges a 60 kWh Blue Ion battery system that he developed. For the past five years, this system has provided his vibrant, multigenerational...

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Building Puerto Rico’s Solar Energy Storage Workforce

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By Romina Garcia and Joe Schwartz

In the immediate aftermath of hurricane Maria, an estimated 95% of the Caribbean island was without power or cell service, and more than half of the population did not have access to clean drinking water. Three months later, 45% of the population—more than 1.5 milli...

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Join the Coolest Team in Energy Storage - Fellowship Available

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Get your foot in the door with the best team in residential and commercial solar energy storage. In partnership with the non-profit Elemental Excelerator, Blue Planet Energy has announced a year-long, paid Market Research Analyst Fellow position. The 12-month, 40-hour per week position is ideally su...

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