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A Professional Buyer's Guide to Dependable Energy Storage

In The News

Featured in the January/February Edition of North American Clean Energy Magazine

Energy storage has dominated conversations among solar professionals and the energy industry for the last several years, and as traditional rules of Net Energy Metering slowly fade, energy storage is poised to become o...

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Tomorrow's Power Grid Will Be Autonomous

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By: Benjamin Kroposki, Andrey Bernstein, Jennifer King and Fei Ding

Read full article on IEEE Spectrum

Autonomous energy grids use AI, renewable energy, and energy storage to optimize the grid

It’s great to have neighbors you can depend on, whether you’re borrowing a cup of sugar or you need someone...

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Blue Planet Founder Henk Rogers on lithium battery chemistries and vanadium flow batteries

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By: Eric Wesoff

See full article on PV Magazine's website.

In his search for an effective long-term energy storage technology, Rogers gave vanadium flow batteries a try, leaving him with a number of 4-foot-cube tanks of vanadium redox electrolyte stranded on his ranch. They are available to a good h...

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Demand for Home Microgrids Surges in Response to California Fires

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By: Lisa Cohn

Read full article on Microgrid Knowledge.

Interest in home microgrids is surging in California in response to wildfires and public safety power shutoffs (PSPS), with microgrid companies saying demand has jumped by as much as 1,000% in the last month.

Not only has demand increased; so h...

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Vote for the 2020 Solar Builder Projects of the Year

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See full article and vote for your favorite projects on Solar Builder's website.

Solar + Storage

Sandbar Solar & Electric Warehouse
Santa Cruz, Calif. | 57 kW solar; 154 kWh storage

When Scott Laskey, owner of Sandbar Solar & Electric, decided to build a 11,500-square-foot warehouse and offi...

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