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Power Project Provides Shelter from the Storm

In The News

By Darrell Proctor
Read full story on POWER Magazine here.

Dozens of microgrids are deployed at schools across Puerto Rico, bringing reliable, resilient power to the island. The project, featuring solar plus storage, is an important part of the region’s recovery from a series of natural and economic...

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Have COVID-19 global lockdowns cleared the way for a carbon-free future?

In The News

By Chris Johnson, CEO of Blue Planet Energy
Read full Op-Ed of Renewable Energy World here.

The immediate effect of global lockdowns has given the world a rare glimpse into a carbon-free future. Cleaner skies have been seen for the first time, from Los Angeles to New Delhi, and demonstrate the envir...

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Building Resilience in Hawai‘i Before the Next Crisis

In The News

By Steve Petranik
Read full article in Hawaii Business Magazine here.

A Q&A with Henk Rogers

The City & County of Honolulu last year released Ola: Oahu Resilience Strategy, a roadmap to building resilience from climate events, the rising cost of living and other economic challenges.

This yea...

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Exclusive look at Blue Ion LXHV, a high-voltage commercial microgrid solution from Blue Planet Energy

In The News

Read full article on Solar Builder Magazine here.
By Chris Cowell

The Blue Ion LXHV from Blue Planet Energy is a collection of technologies aimed at providing a complete commercial storage microgrid solution – including a battery inverter, LFP batteries, an integrated microgrid controller from Aget...

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Meet Blue Ion LXHV: The most complete microgrid solution you’ll find in one enclosure

In The News

By Chris Cowell, Solar Builder Magazine
Read full article here.

A major pain point in commercial-scale storage and microgrids is integrating all the disparate pieces of equipment together into a cohesive whole. Blue Planet Energy is attempting to ease this pain with the most complete system we’ve se...

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