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Water Mission Delivers Clean Water to over 1,200 people with Blue Ion in Puerto Rico

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"For the people of rural Puerto Rico, these [solar plus storage] solutions mean that next time a storm hits, they won’t have to wait for more than six months to have power restored and safe water flowing." --Water Mission

Blue Planet Energy is excited and grateful for our partnership with...

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Life Edited Maui: Luxury Living, Grid Independence

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Graham Hill’s LifeEdited Maui house makes real a passion for a sustainable lifestyle, design simplicity and creative ways to use small spaces. This two-story 1,000 square foot home is breathtakingly beautiful and also engineered to produce more energy than it uses with the help of the Blue Ion batte...

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Beautiful Off-Grid Home in Hawaii Powered by Blue Ion 2.0

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Limitations of Lead-Acid Batteries

When lead-acid batteries die, they go quickly. And while all off-grid homes should have a backup source of power, such as a generator, to weather brief outages, getting a new, reliable battery in place is an urgent issue, such as the case with a home in Pepe'ekeo...

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Blue Ion System Powers Remote Research Facility in Utah

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Utah Valley University Capitol Reef Research Facility is located in south-central Utah in the heart of red rock country in the remote Capitol Reef National Park. Miles away from the central power grid, the only option for this place-based learning center and scholarly research facility was to go off...

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Blue Ion Powers NASA's Mars Habitat

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Energy Storage for an Intense Off-Grid Environment

On September 17th, a crew of six emerged from an 8-month long expedition in a simulated Mars environment (aka the Mars Hab) on Mauna Loa, Hawaii. This off-grid project of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has been powered by...

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