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Lessons from Puerto Rico on Resiliency


Through our work partnering with organizations on the ground in Puerto Rico, we have seen a number of lessons that we hope spread rapidly to other parts of the country and world. In particular, When the Grid Goes Down,You Lose More than the Lights. Vital services such as water pumping and health car...

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Sol-Lux Alpha Building-Passive Certification in the Heart of San Francisco


The Sol-Lux Alpha building is the first multi-residential building in the US to achieve “Passive House” certification. This modern apartment building also features renewable energy systems that provide the urban dwellers the possibility of 100% grid independence. This construction includes solar and...

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Join Blue Planet Energy at This Year’s Energy Fair!


Blue Planet Energy will kick off the summer season at The 29th Annual Energy Fair! Our VP of Engineering, Kyle Bolger, will present a two-hour workshop on Energy Storage Design for Grid Independence on Saturday, June 16th, 3:30 pm. This is a free workshop for all Energy Fair attendees!

The Energy...

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Life Edited Maui: Luxury Living, Grid Independence

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Graham Hill’s LifeEdited Maui house makes real a passion for a sustainable lifestyle, design simplicity and creative ways to use small spaces. This two-story 1,000 square foot home is breathtakingly beautiful and also engineered to produce more energy than it uses with the help of the Blue Ion batte...

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Blue Ion Microgrids in Puerto Rico Featured on NPR, GTM, and Other Media


Blue Planet Energy has focused extensive resources on supporting the rebuilding of Puerto Rico’s energy systems after the devastation of Hurricane Maria. Even now, more than 6 months after the hurricane, thousands of people still remain without power and millions experience unreliable power on a dai...

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