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Meet Steve Hummel: Blue Planet Energy’s Newest Company Advisor

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Solar industry veteran Steve Hummel has recently joined the Blue Planet Energy ‘ohana as a company advisor. Steve began his career as a research scientist developing optoelectronic materials and devices at AT&T Bell Labs and HP/Agilent Labs. For the last 13 years, he has worked in renewable ener...

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A virtual trade show in your home starring residential storage vendors

In The News

By: Eric Wesoff

Read full article on PV Magazine's website.

Reuniting with solar and storage industry friends and coworkers in-person at trade shows in the U.S. is not happening this year.

Until we can meet in again in Las Vegas or Anaheim or Orlando or San Francisco or Long Beach — we’re stuck with...

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Blue Planet Energy

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Blue Planet Energy was founded on the mission of eliminating the use of carbon-based fuels and powering the world with clean, reliable, affordable energy for everyone. This global mission cannot succeed without a diversity of talents, experiences, and perspectives bringing forward new solutions, app...

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Stories of Energy Resilience: Elaine Invests in Energy Independence After Hurricane Maria

Customer Stories

After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in 2017, the island’s whole energy system collapsed. Elaine considered herself more fortunate than others having lost power for only 22 days, yet the traumatic experience is what drove her to invest in renewable energy. She feels it is one of the best investment...

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What really makes a microgrid, a microgrid?

In The News

By Wes Kennedy
Posted on Solar Builder's website here.

Though there are many specific definitions of a microgrid, at its core a microgrid means the ability of a distributed energy resource, typically solar PV and battery energy storage, to both interact with the utility grid and stand alone with no...

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