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Just how concerned should the solar industry be about battery fires?

In The News

By: Kelly Pickerel, Solar Power World

Read article on Solar Power World's wesbite here.

Plane crashes rarely happen, but the fear of an accident is real for many people. Still, thousands of Americans fly every day. The NBC television drama “This is Us” showed that Crock-Pots can cause house fires, b...

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Blue Planet Energy works to restore critical infrastructure in Puerto Rico

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Since December 2017, Blue Planet Energy has worked with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), such as the American Red Cross, to restore Puerto Rico's critical infrastructure such as water and power.

Read full article on Pacific Business News here.

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Blue Planet Energy to Drive Adoption of Fire-Safe, Integrated Microgrid Solutions in 2020

Press Release

Blue Planet Energy entered 2020 with strong momentum from a breakout year in 2019 for the company’s safe, reliable lithium-ion battery systems and has appointed Chris Johnson new chief executive officer. Formerly chief operating officer, Johnson served on the executive team for over two years alongs...

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R&D Microgrid & Training Center Coming to Blue Planet Energy HQ

Blog Posts

At Blue Planet Energy headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii, considerable enhancements are being made to the company’s research and development resources. A new facility, affectionately known as The Sandbox, will expand upon Blue Planet Energy’s energy storage and power conversion component evaluation an...

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Solar Plus Storage is Creating Islands of Resiliency in Communities and Businesses

In The News

By: Lisa Cohn, HeatSpring Magazine

See original blogpost on HeatSpring's website here.

A large portion of Puerto Rico was blacked out after earthquakes in early January, but solar plus storage systems helped keep power flowing in many schools that served as community shelters.

Wes Kennedy, instructo...

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