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Is this the microgrid moment?

In The News

By: Sarah Golden, GreenBiz Group

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In mid-October, one week before more than 3,000 people descended on downtown Oakland, California, for GreenBiz Group’s VERGE 19 conference, an estimated 1 million people lost power in Northern California. On purpose.

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VERGE 2019 Microgrid Demonstrates Solution to California’s Power Crisis


Organized by Greenbiz Group to accelerate the clean economy, the VERGE 2019 conference at the Oakland Convention center happened to be the very same week the Kinkade Fire broke out in Sonoma County, less than an hour's drive away. In conjunction, red flag wildfire conditions forced PG&E to cut p...

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Californians Experience the Costs of Losing Power

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The largest investor-owned utility in California (and the country), PG&E, began massive cuts to power across much of its service area in October 2019 as part of its Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) program. While the electric utility had warned of these cuts for many months, brief outages had...

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Blue Planet Energy's COO Chris Johnson on the value of microgrids and resilience

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Blue Planet Energy believes energy storage is an important component in a microgrid and the company offers a solution in its Blue Ion product. Chris Johnson says the key to developing resilience is planning ahead. With recent power outages and wildfires across the Bay Area in mind, Johnson says, &q...

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Governments and businesses seek resilience in a changing climate

In The News

By: Cassandra Sweet, Greenbiz Group

Read full article on GreenBiz Group's website here.

Billion-dollar weather is a growing trend. But even when extreme weather doesn’t produce damage, weather-related power outages such as those currently gripping California can be costly and people are looking more...

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