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Vote for the 2020 Solar Builder Projects of the Year

September 17, 2020
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Solar + Storage

Sandbar Solar & Electric Warehouse
Santa Cruz, Calif. | 57 kW solar; 154 kWh storage

When Scott Laskey, owner of Sandbar Solar & Electric, decided to build a 11,500-square-foot warehouse and office space on undeveloped land, he knew he had to equip the site with a reliable power source. One option was to connect to the local utility, PG&E, which was estimated to cost nearly $75,000 to establish a new electrical service, take 18 months to connect, and cost around $1,000 monthly for electricity bills. Instead, combining a 59 kW rooftop solar array, 30 kWh Avalon batteries, a 60 kW natural gas generator, and microgrid control software developed by Ageto Energy, was enough energy to satisfy the building’s energy needs for over 96% of the year. All together, Scott was also able to cut his monthly energy bill to zero, except for a $9 natural gas charge, and expects the system to pay for itself in the coming years.

• Developer: Sandbar Solar & Electric
• Contractor: Sandbar Solar & Electric
• Modules: LG
• Inverters: Ideal Power
• Storage: Blue Planet Energy, Avalon
• Mounting: Iron Ridge

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