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News»Meet Steve Hummel: Blue Planet Energy’s Newest Company Advisor

Meet Steve Hummel: Blue Planet Energy’s Newest Company Advisor

August 10, 2020
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Solar industry veteran Steve Hummel has recently joined the Blue Planet Energy ‘ohana as a company advisor. Steve began his career as a research scientist developing optoelectronic materials and devices at AT&T Bell Labs and HP/Agilent Labs. For the last 13 years, he has worked in renewable energy: first at PV Powered, then Advanced Energy’s renewables division, and more recently providing project origination, design due-diligence and financial risk analysis in the emerging energy storage space. Hear more from Steve on why he loves renewables and energy storage as well as the Blue Planet Energy team.

“In renewables and energy storage, there’s a lot of opportunity to contribute to something that matters and will improve people’s lives. By creating new ways of generating, distributing and using energy, we can make a worldwide difference for upcoming generations,” commented Hummel.

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