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Blue Ion Powers Bamboo Tiny Home

August 26, 2017
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Blue Ion is the energy storage solution for an off-grid tiny home of Angela Sugar of Bamboo Living. Bamboo Living Tiny Home This home produces energy from solar panels on the roof and stores the excess energy generated during the day in her Blue Ion batteries from Blue Planet Energy.

Off-Grid Tiny Home Featured on HGTV

This tiny home, located near Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii, is a collaboration between Bamboo Living (who sells the only permitted pre-fabricated bamboo house) and Solar Advantage (who specialized in off-grid solutions). The house and Angela Sugar were featured on HGTV on July 10th on the series “Tiny Paradise”.

Customer Love for Blue Ion Energy Storage!

Watch Angela Sugar of Bamboo Living give an overview of her experience living off-grid with the super-high performance Blue Ion batteries!
Bamboo Living Blue Ion Video

Find out more about the episode from HGTV's Tiny Paradise here.

Sustainable Housing: Bamboo + Blue Ion Batteries

Bamboo Living provides bamboo homes that can be permitted due to their code certification. Not just tiny homes, but bamboo homes of all sizes! For more on their high-quality homes that pair with Blue Ion battery systems or to schedule a visit to view the home near Hilo, please check out their website.
Bamboo Living Blue Ion

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