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Announcing UL 9540 for Blue Ion 2.0

June 05, 2018

We are delighted to announce that the Blue Ion 2.0 is now certified as a UL 9540 energy storage system! And in the process, the BMU we manufacture also got a stamp of approval for UL 1973.

“The goal of the standard is to ensure that electrical, electro-chemical, mechanical, and thermal [Energy Storage Systems] operate at an optimal level of safety for both residential and industrial energy users,” as explained by Intertek, the Nationally Recognized Testing lab that put our system through a gauntlet of tests to earn the Authorization to Mark.

Having the sticker is a big deal. It clears the way for permitting, increased grid-tied implementation, and in general gives our dealers, their customers and safety officials added assurance that our system will perform safely at the stated specifications.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our Product Manager, Ben Widmer, we also compiled a lot of documentation along the way. We have been updating and refining our component testing, product testing, manufacturing documentation and installation manual.


It Takes an ‘Ohana

The entire Blue Planet Energy ‘ohana was part of making this happen and all teams have had a hand. That said, it would not have gone this smoothly without Ben Widmer who put in a Herculean effort. Ben, you get to have your 9540 cake and eat it too!

What is UL 9540?

The North American standard for Energy Storage Systems and Equipment is ANSI/CAN/UL 9540. This standard addresses the safety of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) that are intended to store energy from power or other sources and provide electrical or other types of energy to loads or power conversion equipment. Evaluation of the critical safety functions and control systems of an ESS is included in this standard. Tests include environmental, mechanical, electrical and production and manufacturing tests.

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