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We work with electricians, developers, photovoltaic integrators, and utilities to work towards a sustainable energy future. Our products are easy to install and designed to require minimal human effort.

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Grow your business

We focus on the success of our partners in growing their businesses. Equipped with our sales and technical training, Blue Ion systems mean more sales. In addition to supporting your sales, Blue Planet Energy generates customer referrals for certified partners.

Install in hours (or minutes)

The Blue Ion 2.0 is designed to be installed quickly and efficiently, featuring pre-wired bus bars, communication cables, inverter connection points, and battery management unit. The fastest installation to date has been recorded at under 60 minutes*.

*Based on site-specific conditions

Designed for easy installation

Blue Ion 2.0 is engineered for making it easy to install and maintain. No special tools required and you’ll have our comprehensive installation training and documentation for support.

Easy Access
Readily accessible wiring and large cabinet opening make installing batteries easy
Structural Frame
A sturdy, structural frame carries the weight of batteries, and transfers weight to the ground
Adjustable Supports
Comes equipped with adjustable feet and omni-directional wheels to provide flexibility

Designed for easy installation

Integrated Handle

For easy transport and installation

Pre-wired Battery

Batteries are mechanically connected, prewired and installed in the structural chassis

Structural Frame

A sturdy, structural frame carries the weight of batteries, transfers weight to the ground and holds back and front panels in place

Engineered for safety and power. Designed for scalability. Changing the way we power our world.

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We are looking for licensed and experienced installers to join our extensive dealer network. We provide installation training, lead generation, sales support, documentation, and the highest quality in energy storage solution products that are efficient for you and delightful for your customers.

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