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Blue Ion Continuum

Blue Planet Energy provides the next generation of clean energy storage, carefully engineered from the sun-down to make your life brighter

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Energy storage designed to last

Engineered and warranted to perform for fifteen years, the Blue Ion Continuum is designed to endure at similar rates to modern photovoltaic cells. It’s a battery that was meant for your home and lasts over time, due to its chemical foundation of Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePO4). We aimed to set the standard for energy storage endurance with a warranty backed by science.

Smart Battery
Connects to the internet and makes intelligent decisions
Structural Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame
World class engineering built to last with your home
Powerful and robust
Capacity to operate your entire home on or off-grid

Integrated Handle

For easy transport and installation

Pre-wired Battery

Batteries are mechanically connected, prewired and installed in the structural chassis

Structural Frame

A sturdy, structural frame carries the weight of batteries, transfers weight to the ground and holds back and front panels in place

More Guaranteed Energy

maximum energy

Average Lithium Ion Battery

maximum energy

Energy supplied over course of battery lifetime


You can count on Blue Ion Continuum to supply all your energy needs; from a 1,200 sq ft cottage to a 6,000+ sq ft home. It’s expandable for the most demanding modern homes, using the safest most dependable technology available.

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Power On (8 kWh)

Ideal for 1,200 sq ft home or 3 people

Power Up (12 kWh)

Ideal for 2,500 sq ft home or 5 people

Power All (24+ kWh)

Ideal for 3,000+ sq ft home or 7+ people

Power On

(8 kWh)

Ideal for 1,200 sq ft home or 3 people

Power Up

(12 kWh)

Ideal for 2,500 sq ft home or 5 people

Power All

(24+ kWh)

Ideal for 3,000+ sq ft home or 7+ people

*Based on manufacturer's warranty, discharge cycles, and operating parameters.

Command and Control

You manage the Blue Ion Continuum system using your Smartphone, tablet, or computer. No matter where you are, you know at a glance how much energy is stored, how much energy you are producing from the sun, and how much your home is using, whether you’re on or off-grid. The system monitors its health and alerts you if there’s a problem. In your hands, knowledge truly is power.

Detailed Monitoring

View usage and production metrics

Battery Status

Understand how much energy is being stored

Safety at its chemistry

Blue Ion Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries require no rare minerals and are stable under the most challenging physical conditions unlike other lithium batteries. This is important to us; knowing that the product we are building is the safest for homes and the families living in them.

Let's get started

The Blue Ion Continuum is currently available for pre-order. We’ll help you to connect with an installer in our certified dealer network to ensure an efficient and professional installation.

Preorder Continuum

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